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ItellaSmartPOST parcel
Price 3,65 €
Delivery time: 1-3 working days

Pack all the items into a single box and seal it firmly with duct/strapping tape – this way you can be sure that all the items in the box make it to the receiver undamaged. A well-packed parcel is protected against its contents being lost or damaged in transit.

Write the names and mobile numbers of the sender and the receiver on the parcel. Since we notify the receiver via SMS, be sure to double-check that the mobile number is correct – otherwise the SMS won't make it to the receiver.

As soon as the parcel arrives at the destination terminal, we send the receiver an SMS with all the necessary information for pick-up.

To receive the parcel, all you need to do is enter the code sent to you via SMS into the screen on the parcel terminal – after that, the locker door will open and the parcel is yours!

Parcel terminals are processed (emptied and filled) Mon-Sun on the mainland, Mon-Fri on Saaremaa, filled Tue-Sat and emptied Mon-Fri on Hiiumaa.

Delivery time: 1-3 working days.

Eesti Posti service
Price 5,50 €.
Delivery time: 2-4 working days
Eesti Posti puhul väljastatakse tellimus tähitult ning standardpakina. Kui pakk on jõudnud Sinu aadressile vastavale postkontorisse, saadetakse Sinu poolt jäetud telefoninumbrile teavitus. Paki saad kätte vastavast postkontorist dokumendi alusel. Kohaletoimetamise aeg: 2-4 tööpäeva.

Omniva parcel
Price 3,65 €
Delivery time: 1-3 working days

Recipient can receive the parcel at the earliest convenience. Collecting the parcel is possible at any time, because parcel lockers located outside is opened 24/7. Parcel lockers are located in numerous places within Estonia – 31 cities and smaller areas. Delivery time: 1-3 working days.

You can pick up the goods yourself from our shop

Store Address Polentia OÜ -  K. Kärberi 20, Tallinn, 13812, Estonia.

Ph: +372 552 2058

Opening hours -

Mon-Sun 11.00-19.00;


Payment on account
You can pay for the purchase by 100% by bank transfer and receive the goods at the address specified by you with the help of courier service, in the representative office of the seller or in the postal machine. After payment, you receive the original invoice together with the goods. By contacting the e-shop order center, you can order an additional invoice electronically or on paper.
Polentia OÜ, LHV Pank: EE707700771003455305

Cash payment
In the representation of the seller it is possible to pay for the goods only in cash.




Delivery and payment



                    Mustakivi shopping center, 4 Mahtra str.
2nd floor; Box 7

Ph: (+372) 55 22 058

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